ad campaign roundup

Heineken by Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam with the new tagline “Open Your World”

Snickers by BBDO New York but people are wondering, “Is this too soon after the recent shark attacks?”

Intel/Adidas Virtual Shoe Wall by Start Creative London brings a touchscreen wall into a small store in order to display large inventory.

Caribou Coffee’s Bus Shelter Oven by Colle+McVoy promotes their baked sandwiches by heating up those waiting in the cold.


Sonja Vordermaier

Sculptures by Sonja Vordermaier slowly leaking into our world…


HTML5 – the new, beautiful web experience

A lot of Nike’s great branding is based on their image to use sport to make a better world.  Recently, Wieden and Kennedy created a new website for the company’s cause and it is an example of great design through the use of HTML5.  This relatively new web code has been virally seen in action for Arcade Fire and Google’s project for an interactive video, The Wilderness Downtown.  As we can already see, it allows for more possibilities of design and storytelling.  W+K have utilized HTML5 to create a tasteful scrolling experience that gets the company’s mission communicated in a clear, clear fashion.  Check it out.

video virality – today’s pioneers and the process

Wired recently named the guys over at The Viral Factory as “The Web’s Mad Men”.  Rightfully so, too, because they are creating some phenomenal content for brands with consistent success (Diesel’s Safe for Work, Ford Ka’s decapitated cat), which supports that getting a video to spread virally can indeed be methodical.  The article gives some small insight into their process and outlook on their specialty service: 1. you have to be aware of all the memes by being active in communities. 2. The future lies in live online video because it bridges the gap between web and user even closer.  Check the full article here and also their spot for Samsung below.  Under that, an infographic depicting the analytics of online video should help advertisers dissect appeals.

google zeitgeist 2010: happy 2k11!

Google released its zeitgeist video of the past year, summarizing the most important issues, topics, and figures through the use of the mega-search engine.  It ends by putting “2011: What’s next?” into the search bar.  Well, Facebook.  That is presumably what’s next for Google, in terms of success in the new year.  It’s highly likely that Facebook will surpass Google at its own game – browsing and searching.  Users spend more time on the social network than they do browsing the entire Internet and I think that will only increase.  Consequently, users will Google less and use the Facebook search more often as long as information is available.  Thus, content browsing becomes entirely social.  So don’t be surprised if by this time next year there will be a Facebook zeitgeist of 2011 video that you view from within the social network itself.

swear to blog, hope to DIY (infographic)


dieline’s best package design of 2010

The Dieline Awards for 2010 have been announced and their winners gallery is filled with great examples of package design from this past year. Check out all of them here.